Lisbeth Jimenez, Senior Project Designer, MKDA


Design principles meet technology.

This week on the pod, we manage to get both practical and technical in a forward-looking conversation with a passionate advocate of the metaverse, wearables, and more – who also happens to be a licensed senior designer at a major firm. Lisbeth Jimenez joins the gang to talk about the potential for inclusivity in digital spaces, why designers should be the ones designing the metaverse, wearables, and even what constitutes a ‘friend of the podcast’. Spoiler alert – we’re still apparently friend-less… but not for long.


Moments to check out:

~5:10: How principles of the built environment translate to the digital

~14:55: Technology, design and the future of the trade show

~21:25: The role of ‘3D internet’ and weareables in design

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This episode of Barriers to Entry was produced by Rob Schulte.

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