BTE 2024 Predictions Hotline


Introducing the BTE Hotline

In a special episode, Producer Rob joins the show to share the first voicemails left at the new Barrier to Entry audience hotline.  On tap are a handful of reflections, aspirations and predictions from previous guests to the show along with reactions and predictions of their own from the gang – as well as a slew of memorable (?) new audio amuse bouches from Producer Rob. Come for the predictions and stick around to be inspired to contribute your own thoughts and questions to the hotline when BTE returns after with all new episodes following our early ‘spring break’.

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Bobby Bonett

Tessa Bain

Andrew Lane

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Producer Rob’s plug: How to Write an Email by Justin Kerr

Get in touch with us with your questions on emerging technology, innovation and more at [email protected] or drop us a voicemail at the BTE Hotline at 1-917-934-2812.

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This episode of Barriers to Entry was produced by Rob Schulte.

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Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is Co-founder of digby, co-founder of Interior Design Magazine’s (MAD) Awards and co-host of the podcast Barriers to Entry.

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Bobby Bonett

Bobby Bonett is Chief Growth Officer and EVP Strategy at SANDOW DESIGN GROUP and co-host of the podcast Barriers to Entry.

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Tessa Bain

Tessa Bain is a digby co-founder, co-founder of Interior Design Magazine’s MAD Awards and also co-host of Barriers to Entry.

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