Jaime Derringer, Head of Brand & Editor-in-Chief, Trame Paris


Technology’s impact on design in 2023

This week, an old friend drops by the podcast to catch up on all that’s happened in 2023, the first full year of Barrier to Entry.  Our first ever guest, Jaime Derringer joins the pod to talk about the evolutions of AI, the metaverse and the blockchain on the design industry in the year that was.  Bobby turns the plug reigns over to Jaime to hear more about her experiences working with AI tech, as well as her new gig helping bring blockchain provenance to authentically made goods – it’s a reunion packed with insight and thoughts for the year to come that you won’t want to miss.

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Trame Paris (Jaime’s new venture)

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Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Métiers d’Excellence

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This episode of Barriers to Entry was produced and edited by Hannah Viti and Rob Schulte.

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Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is Co-founder of digby, co-founder of Interior Design Magazine’s (MAD) Awards and co-host of the podcast Barriers to Entry.

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Bobby Bonett is Chief Growth Officer and EVP Strategy at SANDOW DESIGN GROUP and co-host of the podcast Barriers to Entry.

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Tessa Bain

Tessa Bain is a digby co-founder, co-founder of Interior Design Magazine’s MAD Awards and also co-host of Barriers to Entry.

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