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Tessa Bain

Tessa draws on more than a decade of experience working with prominent and iconic global brands in the interior design world to her role as co-founder of digby. She brings this deep understanding of the design industry to her work to deliver practical strategies to leverage web 3.0, the blockchain and the metaverse, enabling her to deliver brand growth and retail innovation for digby’s partners. A seasoned sales leader, business builder and entrepreneur, she’s proven her ability time and again to open up new revenue streams that expand businesses into new territories while remaining authentic to core values. Most recently, Tessa built the Canadian territory for the iconic family of Design Within Reach Contract brands and guided the business through the Herman Miller acquisition & merger of Knoll. She holds an M.S. from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a B.S. from New Mexico State University where she was a NCAA Division 1 swimmer.  Tessa is also a co-host of Barriers to Entry, a web3 and emerging tech podcast for the architecture and design industry, and a co-founder of Interior Design Magazine’s Metaverse Architecture & Design (MAD) Awards.