Liquid Architecture: How Water Shapes Our Wellbeing


In this episode of The Learning Objective presented by Delta Faucet Company, ThinkLab explores the profound impact of water on our mental and physical health within the built environment. Our guests help us uncover the remarkable connection between exposure to water and improved psychological health, sharing intriguing statistics about the positive effects of water on creativity and idea generation.

We discuss the 15 patterns of biophilic design, ranging from nature in the space to natural analogs and nature of the space, and how architects and designers can apply them effectively to create environments that resonate with our innate connection to nature.

After listening you will be able to:

  • Learn why water in the built environment can have a more significant positive effect on mental well-being than green spaces.
  • Explore the future possibilities of water-inspired designs and how they can contribute to a more sustainable and well-balanced built environment.
  • Uncover practical strategies for incorporating water features, into architectural projects to enhance occupants’ mental and emotional states.


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Meredith Campbell

Meredith Campbell is part of the research and content development team at ThinkLab, the intelligence division of SANDOW (the parent company of Interior Design Media,

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