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In this episode, presented by Mannington Commercial, ThinkLab interviews author Gleb Tsipursky on best practices for adopting a hybrid-first model and how to guide clients no matter where they fall on the physical/virtual spectrum. We also share clips from a ThinkLab digital seminar with two leaders from top design firms: David Galullo, CEO of Rapt Studio, and Brett Shwery, senior vice president at AECOM. They discuss how their teams are staying connected regardless of distance.

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After listening, you will be able to:

1.    Point out the four cognitive biases that exist around hybrid work.

2.    Identify how virtual brainstorming can enhance innovation.

3.    Examine methods for successful mentoring in a hybrid or remote environment.

4.    Evaluate how to enhance communication with internal teams and with clients.

Gleb Tsipursky is the author of Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams and an expert at guiding large organizations on how to implement hybrid work. He describes four mental blind spots that are hindering firms from realizing the full potential of a hybrid work model. He also explains the advantages of virtual “asynchronous” brainstorming, a process in which participants come up with ideas at their own pace, rather than at the same time.

This episode also includes thoughts from two leaders at Interior Design Giants of Design firms on how their teams are staying connected, regardless of distance. David Galullo, CEO and chief creative director of Rapt Studio, stresses that organizations will need to experiment with new hybrid policies, such as virtual “office hours.” Brett Shwery, senior vice president and director of interiors at AECOM, mentions how his firm tested out taking a walk during a weekly hybrid call; instead of a PowerPoint presentation, participants shared photos of their walks as a way to introduce an interactive element.

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