Is Mentorship Dead?


In this episode, presented by Teknion, ThinkLab interviews Dost Bardouille, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility of Swinerton; and Nina Johnson, Senior Commercial Insights Manager at Armstrong Craven. They discuss the pitfalls of traditional mentorship and explore three additional solutions for career development and upskilling your talent in a modern era.

Accredited for: IDCEC | 0.5 CEU

After listening, you will be able to:

  1. Identify a key shift impacting career development today
  2. Compare three new methods used for engagement
  3. Assess the D.E.I. benefits of champions
  4. Summarize the 7 considerations needed in designing a shadow board.

In part one, we sit down with Dost Bardouille of Swinerton to evaluate the pitfalls of traditional career development and compare two new methods of connection: sponsorship and champions. And in part two, we sit down with Nina Johnson of Armstrong Craven to identify how implementing a shadow board, a tactic that major fashion house Gucci used, can provide employees with high level engagement and in turn prove long-term success for a company’s growth.

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