Can Material Innovation Save Our World?


After listening, you will be able to:

  1. Identify key themes in material innovation. 
  2. Contrast trends happening in the consumer goods space with those impacting the design industry. 
  3. Analyze how sustainability is impacting product design in interiors. 
  4. Examine how adaptability will be a key theme in the future.  

Material ConneXion is a material insights company working to connect product designers with the right materials for whatever they’re creating. Jennifer Gumpert is Material ConneXion’s VP of business operations, and Dr. Andrew Dent is its EVP of material research. They give an insider’s look on the latest material innovations, as well as emerging trends both in and outside the design industry, including “material-minded design.” 

Sustainability is becoming an ever-present concern, and Dent and Gumpert discuss the importance of working with both existing materials and simpler materials to keep environmental impact low. Gumpert also urges listeners to remember our shared responsibility around materials — as consumers, as specifiers, and as manufacturers. 


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Meredith Campbell

Meredith Campbell is part of the research and content development team at ThinkLab, the intelligence division of SANDOW (the parent company of Interior Design Media,

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