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Understand Gen Z’s Entrée Into the Design Industry
Welcome to Design Nerds Anonymous: “The Gen Z Confessionals,” a miniseries dedicated to exploring the...
Costume Designer Deborah L. Scott on Building Worlds with Character and Depth
Oscar-winning costume designer Deborah L. Scott grew up sewing doll clothes, puppets, and getting swept...
How HDR Brought Design Empathy to Healthcare
Amy Mays, Interior Design Director at HDR, describes the eye-opening experience of working on the NYU...
Tom Puukko, Founder, Superdwell & Feathr
This week the gang is joined by Tom Puukko, the serial entrepreneur and founder of wallcoverings disruptor,...
People and Perspectives | A Celebration of Women in Architecture and Design
Men have traditionally dominated the interior design and architecture industries. In this episode, Tiffany...
People and Perspectives | Designing for Neurodiversity in our Spaces
What is neurodiversity? In this episode of The Design Board, Tiffany Rafii, CEO of UpSpring, is joined...
People and Perspectives | Authentically Supporting DEI Initiatives
An honest, authentic effort toward DEI initiatives requires transparency, accountability, and the notion...
People and Perspectives | Architecture as Art: Empowering People and Places Through Design
Can architecture empower people and places? In this episode, UpSpring’s Caroline Saba chats with...
Lucid Motors’ Derek Jenkins on EVs and Designing an Electric Future
Car designer Derek Jenkins grew up surfing and steeped in the car culture of Southern California. A surfing...
The Future of Work: What Really Attracts and Retains Good People?
There has been a lot of talk about the draw of “flexibility” when it comes to work, but it’s not always...