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A Podcast Network by SANDOW
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Cross-Country Collaborations and Creative Innovations
In this episode of The Mic, host Debbie Millman is joined by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, Co-Founders...
Can We Redesign Waste?
Waste is a complex issue. How we generate waste, what kinds of chemicals and materials are in our garbage,...
Breaking Barriers through Design
guests Marcus DePaula, Matt Pecina and Chris Held chat with our host, Debbie Millman, about their independent...
Designing with Equity at the Forefront
Frameworks that are designed to prioritize equitable opportunity allow our society as a whole to thrive....
What is the Problem with Recycling Plastics?
This episode is brought to you in partnership with Aquafil, synthetic materials producer of Econyl. A...
Episode 9: Everyone wants belonging
For the final episode of Season 1 of Looking Forward, we welcome john a. powell, Director of the Othering...
Envisioning the Future with Visual Design
A powerful tool of protest, identity and expression, visual language is the pinnacle of design possibilities....
Episode 8: Rebuilding our organizational networks
This week, Ryan is joined by Andreas Hoffbauer, Ph.D., a sociologist by trade and the founder and director...
The Future of Growth
As the pace of change accelerates, it becomes increasingly important that the design ecosystem connect...
Episode 7: Putting our insights to the test
This week on the podcast, we offer a glimpse behind the scenes of our recently renovated Design Yard...