A Podcast Network by SANDOW
A Podcast Network by SANDOW
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Episode 1: Embracing a more flexible future
Ryan welcomes Brian Elliott, Executive Leader of Future Forum, a consortium launched by Slack to help...
What Should We Do for Clean Air?
It’s August 2021 and there’s no clear end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks, of course,...
Discovery Driving Design
Hosted by Debbie Millman with guests Claire Weisz, Co-Founder and Principal-in-Charge of WXY Architecture...
The Future...
Our final, but most important episode this season, brings you expert advice on to where to start when...
The Future of Customer Experience
As the consumer experience gets increasingly frictionless, B2B buyers expect the same. Join us as we...
Can the Olympics Be Sustainable?
The Tokyo Olympics are underway—in the middle of a pandemic, with the Delta Variant of SARS COV-2 doing...
The Future is Hybrid
How should your team structure hybrid work for maximum benefit? Betsy Bula, remote evangelist for Gitlab,...
The Future of Communication
Design’s role in the built environment is to evoke an emotional response. But what happens when cultural...
The Future is Phygital
As the future of work becomes more and more hybrid, leveraging the virtual world to connect to a physical...
Best of Season 1
While New York City was in the midst of a crisis, NYCxDESIGN created this podcast to examine and celebrate...