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A Podcast Network by SANDOW
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Episode 6: Architecting interaction
Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, Founder/Lead Architect of AKKA Architects joins host Ryan Anderson to discuss...
Can We Make the Suburbs Sustainable?
The COVID-19 pandemic has produced so many shifts and undercurrents in our world, and many are so subtle...
Episode 5: Know your customer
Steve Todd, AVP, Global Head of Workplace at Nasdaq, and creator of Open Sourced Workplace shares how...
Crisis, Community, and Design
Going beyond its aesthetic value, design can also be an agent of sustainable change in our communities....
Episode 4: Better experiences through smarter buildings
Ryan welcomes Andrea Chegut, Ph.D., Director of the Real Estate Innovation Lab at MIT.
How Can We Create Green Affordable Housing? Part 2
In this sequel to our last episode (“How Can We Create Green Affordable Housing?”), we continue...
Episode 3: Rethinking the concept of workplace
Ryan Anderson welcomes one of the most experienced and insightful leaders in the workplace strategy space:...
Episode 2: Remote work for inclusivity and better living
Ryan tackles remote work with one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic, Darren Murph.
How Can We Create Green Affordable Housing? Part 1
Most low-wage workers in the United States don’t currently make enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment....
Wellness by Design
Recognizing that the role of design in healthcare is often overlooked, Episode 2 of The Mic explores...