More than a Place to Work


Coast-to-coast, designers are figuring out how to get the workforce back into their offices by implementing innovative concepts that are still conducive to productivity. In this episode, learn about two projects that took creativity and thoughtfulness to the next level.

In New York City, landscape architect Hank White of HMWhite has put a timber forest on top of the iconic Radio City Music Hall, realizing a dream that was in the development’s original blueprints, bringing the wild to the urban dweller. Over in California, the HQ for plant-based beverage company Califia Farms saw its vegan ethos brought to life; led by SLAM Collaborative principal Alexis Dennis whose life-long passion for creating any and all aspects of built environments took her to firehouses for inspiration, a kitchen is now the central congregating space of the office without the fluorescent lights and leather chairs.

Season 2 of Once Upon A Project is presented by Shaw Contract.

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AJ Paron

AJ Paron is EVP and Design Futurist at SANDOW Design Group and host of the podcast Once Upon a Project

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