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A new season of Deep Green is on its way! 

On this season of Deep Green, we’re doing things a little bit differently: METROPOLIS Editor in Chief Avi Rajagopal is going to be sitting in the hot seat, and with him will be producer Samantha Sager. Join us as they have an honest conversation about the environmental impact of the building industry and the unique challenges the sector presents to the dream of a circular economy. May you be inspired to advocacy and action.

Deep Green is produced by Samantha Sager, Wize Grazette, Lauren Volker, and Rachel Senatore, and is part of the SURROUND podcast network. Special thanks to Avi Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of METROPOLIS, for his insights. Recorded at the podcast studio by Vornado in the Penn 1 building, Manhattan.

Avi Rajagopal: [00:00:00] This is Avi Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of Metropolis. A new season of Deep Green is on its way and we’re doing things a little bit differently this time. I’m going to be sitting in the hot seat and with me

will be Samantha Sager, a producer at the Surround Podcast Network. Samantha and I are going to have a really honest conversation about the impact of the built environment and the challenges that we’re going to face as we try to move our building industry towards a more circular economy.

Avi Rajagopal: Now, that’s a really complicated topic, and I’m sure a lot of you have questions of your own. If you do, DM them to us, and we’ll get them answered for you on a special episode of Deep Green. And of course, don’t forget to tune into the new season at surroundpodcasts. com or wherever you get your podcasts.[00:01:00]


Avi Rajagopal

Avinash Rajagopal is the editor in chief of Metropolis, an award-winning architecture and design publication. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at events related

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