Is circularity worth pursuing?


Discover industry tools and resources for circular design, as Avi Rajagopal and Samantha Sager discuss actionable steps we can take toward tackling the challenges discussed throughout this season of Deep Green. How can we make an impact on an individual level? How can we educate ourselves and those around us? What organizations can we turn to for guidance? Incredible tools, research, and innovations are helping the industry move in the right direction but to meet the moment we will have to shift away from our culture of consumption and redefine the roles of architects and designers in shaping a sustainable future. Hear from Rajagopal on his hopes for the journey forward.


Review of the principles of circularity

How can we pursue circularity as individuals?

How can we pursue circularity as a community?

Industry resources and tools

Rethinking the designer’s role


Salvage Superstar: Renovation Angel 

Rheaply Brings Ingenuity to Recycling Building Materials 

Arup’s Circular Buildings Toolkit 

Two Platforms Help Designers Specify Low-Carbon Interiors 

Build Reuse  

Deep Green is produced by Samantha Sager, Wize Grazette, Lauren Volker, Rachel Senatore, and Hannah Viti, and is part of the SURROUND podcast network. Special thanks to Avi Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of METROPOLIS, for his insights. Recorded at the podcast studio by Vornado in the Penn 1 building in Manhattan. 


Avi Rajagopal

Avinash Rajagopal is the editor in chief of Metropolis, an award-winning architecture and design publication. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at events related

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