The Future of Work: A Hospitality Mindset for the Hybrid Office Hub


Hybrid work is not going away—but neither is the office. Many of us who worked remotely for a couple of years are discovering that there are a lot of things we’ve missed about being in the office: Connections made through chance run-ins with colleagues, creativity generated from team collaboration, and the simple camaraderie of gathering in a place where we can share knowledge and experiences. In this episode hosted by Haworth’s Christine Gritter, Marriott International’s Stacey Cohen shares the story of her company’s new headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Find out how the space embraces hybrid work with a hospitality mindset to create an office hub where people want to be. 

John Scott

As a knowledge leader on Haworth’s Workplace Strategy team, John’s focus is on the translation of workplace research into conceptual design recommendations.

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Kurt Vander Schuur

As Global Brand Director, he leads the strategic alignment of the Haworth brand across sectors and among subsidiaries. Kurt builds relationships among the architecture and design community, as well as Haworth customers and dealers, to keep abreast of customer needs and trends, while seeking new partners to complement the brand.

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