E8 Organizational Culture: People + Brand + Space


When a unified environment supports organizational culture, facilities are a transformational asset. Haworth’s Kurt Vander Schuur invites entrepreneurs who are reimaging a vertical industry to talk about their journey. Hear how a new headquarters manifests a differentiated brand and startup mentality. Organizational growth is possible when people come together to work across disciplines and have spaces that support them.


Guests: Alex Lemmen, CEO, and Ryan Essenburg, President and CIO of Tommy’s Express Car Wash, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing car wash companies


Host: Kurt Vander Schuur, Haworth Global Brand Director


Kurt Vander Schuur

As Global Brand Director, he leads the strategic alignment of the Haworth brand across sectors and among subsidiaries. Kurt builds relationships among the architecture and design community, as well as Haworth customers and dealers, to keep abreast of customer needs and trends, while seeking new partners to complement the brand.

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