Sustainability and the Furniture Industry: Solutions for a Greener Future


We are all pioneers of learning. Every day we notice the ways we interact with the built environment continue to change. The future relies on our curiosity and willingness to engage in new ways of approaching design.

Welcome to the second season of Architecture 5 10 20! I’m your host, Guy Geier, Managing Partner of FXCollaborative Architects in New York. Guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences related to the built environment will come to share their thought leadership. Our conversations will start with understanding how they arrived at what they’re doing now. More importantly, we will focus on discussing their vision for the future, looking out 5, 10, and 20 years.

Today, your guest host Florencia Kratsman, Director of Interior Architecture at FXCollaborative, is joined by Lauryn Menard, Co-Founder + Creative Director at PROWL Studio, and Federico Negro, Founder and CEO of Canoa Supply. Lauryn’s professional background has spanned the worlds of furniture, footwear, future forecasting, and material innovations in a global arena. Federico focuses on a B2B furniture and accessory ecommerce solution founded on circular economy principles.

Listen as the three discuss different perspectives on the current landscape of design and how they envision a more sustainable future. Lauryn and Federico both offer suggestions for more responsible and regenerative options for the physical world. Together, they speak about easier ways companies can approach decisions with more curiosity and less rigidity.

Lauryn’s and Federico’s combined optimism gives hope to present and future professionals in the design space. As physical spaces become more like a complement to digital spaces, we can refocus on human-centered designs that balance eco-conscious elements anchored in simplicity. Our curiosity of a responsible and regenerative future for the physical world can empower us to make better decisions in design.

Time stamps: [01:36] – Lauryn Menard talks about her design career being led by her curiosity and passion to create.

[03:26] – Federico Negro shares how his career is inspired by technology and architecture coming together.

[05:32] – How’s the progress of environmental responsibility in design?

[07:51] – Should the design brief process shift? PART 1

[10:30] – Should the design brief process shift? PART 2

[13:22] – Lauryn and Federico talk about upcoming professionals expressing interest in mission-driven businesses.

[15:03] – We are the stewards of the world’s materials.

[16:58] – Lauryn suggests how companies can start preparing for a regenerative future.

[19:46] – Federico explains tools that empower better decision making in design.

[22:28] – What can help brands adopt circularity?

[24:25] – “It’s a step forward.” PART 1

[27:21] – “It’s a step forward.” PART 2

[29:53] – “If you align your passions, your skill set, and something that you care about, you can get somewhere.”

[32:09] – The industry has a huge chance to be intentional.

[34:25] – Thank you Lauryn and Federico for reminding us we can explore regenerative practices without fear.

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Guy Geier FAIA, FIIDA, LEED is Managing Partner of FXCollaborative and host of the architecture 5 10 20 podcast.

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