From Ideas to Action: Charting a Sustainable Path for Designers


When a problem feels far away, we often feel less impacted and feel less agency. Sustainability concerns once felt as if they’re far away. Now, we’re more aware of environmental impacts. What inspiring work are professionals doing to explore sustainable practices for our future?

Welcome to the second season of Architecture 5 10 20! I’m your host, Guy Geier, Managing Partner of FXCollaborative Architects in New York. Guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences related to the built environment will come to share their thought leadership. Our conversations will start with understanding how they arrived at what they’re doing now. More importantly, we will focus on discussing their vision for the future, looking out 5, 10, and 20 years.

Today, we are joined by John Strasser, the Chief Sustainability Officer at the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). John is a global leader in sustainability and an expert and proponent of ESG and the circular economy and is committed to making a positive impact on the world. He works with professionals to adapt sustainable practices into the modern industry.

Listen as we discuss how initiatives and sustainable design are constantly evolving. So it is crucial for sustainability to be inclusive and accessible. John explores the challenges and opportunities in the interior design industry to move the needle forward and minimize our collective impact on the planet. We talk about the influence professionals have in their individual roles and how we each can influence the industry.

John’s work and optimistic views reassure us that we can all make small incremental changes to combat the current climate crisis, especially those who contribute to the built environment. While it can seem like a daunting task, John reminds us that no one has all the answers. But having the desire to practice at a more sustainable level is the first step in a long journey. He emphasizes the importance of staying informed, making use of available resources and not being afraid to ask questions.

Time stamps:

[01:13] – John Strasser talks about how he developed his career path. PART 1

[03:56] – John Strasser talks about how he developed his career path. PART 2

[05:17] – What is the goal of ASID?

[07:46] – John explores the impact that interior designers have on the environment within the industry.

[10:41] – John shares some of the barriers to implementing sustainable practices.

[12:28] – What tools can professionals use to guide sustainable practices? PART 1

[14:34] – What tools can professionals use to guide sustainable practices? PART 2

[17:06] – John shares the challenge to educate the industry and implement practices in a timely manner.

[19:24] – Are organizations within the industry involved in any collaborations?

[22:10] – John talks about the progress of certifications and other standards in the industry.

[24:25] – What are John’s thoughts on circular economy?

[27:42] – Can companies flourish through repurposing?

[29:53] – John explores the parallels between the interior design industry and the fashion industry.

[32:50] – Thank you John Strasser for reminding us that no one has all the answers.


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