Ep. 205: Ana Arriola-Kanada’s Heroic Path to Ethical AI & Platform Whispering


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Product Specialist, Ana Arriola-Kanada, grew up in ‘the valley’ just north of LA, watching Robotech and working in the family shop. She moved to Japan just after HS to work in Anime. An autodidact driven by a powerful work ethic and growth mindset, she propelled through all facets of tech & design playing key roles in the development of web design, emoji (Adobe), mobile computing and the original iPhone (Apple), UI/UX, PlayStation (Sony)…etc. It was Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos who tripped her ethical alarm wire, which, as traumatic as that was, has led Ana to the forefront of ethical AI where she has led teams in designing ethical frameworks (Meta, Microsoft, IDEO) and advocates for the inclusion & intersectionality of all humans and the care of our planet in developing those data sets.

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