Ep 119: Lettering Artist Lauren Hom [Rebroadcast]


Lettering artist Lauren Hom was a super shy and studious child. Her crafty mother would make snacks with her initials cut out of cheese slices. In her teenage years, her first love led to slipping grades and the realization that her creativity, not science, would be her path to college. She sold her parents on going to art school with the promise of learning the advertising business. After a brief stint at an ad agency, she started freelancing with her art, and now has made an art out of freelancing. Images, links and more from Lauren Hom Thanks to Adobe MAX for hosting us in the Airstream podcast lounge. Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin@CleverPodcast, @amydevers. All past Clever episodes are available here in our archive. (Free, of course!) If you enjoy Clever we could use your support! Please consider leaving a review, making a donation, becoming a sponsor, or introducing us to your friends! We love and appreciate you! Clever is hosted and produced by Amy Devers, with editing by Rich Stroffolino, and music from El Ten Eleven.

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Amy Devers

Amy Devers is a designer, fabricator, educator, and media personality on a mission to reveal the humanity behind the design that shapes our world.

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