Emily Hampshire and the Joy of Autonomy


On today’s episode of Ideas of Order, we’re joined by writer of the graphic novel Amelia Aerwood: Basic Witch and actor of the acclaimed series Schitts Creek, 12 Monkeys and the new film The End of Sex, Emily Hampshire. Emily discusses the comfort in being held by physically small spaces, feeling the most at home in a hotel and why, sometimes, your most resonant and well loved space isn’t a space, but a character. Join Jeremiah and Emily as they dig into the beautiful nuance of character work and reevaluating intention when making the time for your loved ones.

About the series: 

Designed by California Closets, in this series, you’ll discover the nourishment of now and the joys of the spaces that shape who you’re becoming.

About Jeremiah Brent:

Jeremiah is an interior designer, television personality and founder of Jeremiah Brent Design, an interior design firm with locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Named to Architectural Digest’s AD100 list as a leading design talent, the Central California native first honed his forward-thinking yet elegantly timeless artistry through furniture design. He soon emerged as a singular new voice in the interior design world, embracing a highly intuitive approach focused on elevating each client’s emotional connection to their space. Jeremiah currently lives in New York City with his husband, Nate Berkus, and their two young children, Poppy and Oskar.

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