Clever Extra – Beyond Boomerang: Peeking Beneath the Surface of Era-Defining Patterns


On this Clever Extra, we peek under the surface of the most defining patterns of the last century. Formica is a decorative laminate so ubiquitous its patterns have come to serve as a record of history and visual representation of our collective consciousness through the years. Meghan Howell, Creative Director with Formica, and Art Director and Editor of the book Beyond Boomerang: A Celebration of 110 Years of Formica Patterns by Shawn Patrick Tubb, takes us on the Formica team’s investigative mission into the backstories, and shares the revelations, controversies, and questions contained within our most recognizable surfaces.

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Please visit to learn more about Beyond Boomerang: A Celebration of 110 Years of Formica Patterns by Shawn Patrick Tubb.

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Clever is hosted & produced by Amy Devers, with editing by Rich Stroffolino, production assistance from Ilana Nevins and Anouchka Stephan, and music by El Ten Eleven.

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