Verda Alexander host of Break some dishes

Verda Alexander

Verda Alexander is a Nicaragua-born, San Francisco-based designer, climate activist, and artist. She is the Editor-at-Large at Metropolis Magazine, co-founder of Studio O+A, and co-host of “Break Some Dishes,” a podcast that engages innovators in conversations about meeting the challenges of climate change. Verda has spent 30 years in the design industry redefining the workplace and looking ahead to the future of work itself. Combining a multi-disciplinary career with a passionate commitment to improving lives through design, her typical contribution to a project is to question received wisdom, test basic assumptions, and look beyond conventional solutions to a more creative path. Over the past decade she has focused on experimental projects; installations, interactive exhibits, and a mobile design lab that engaged with communities across California. Verda is an inductee in Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame and received the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design in 2016.