What Gen Z loves (and Hates) about the Design Industry


In this episode of Design Nerds Anonymous: “The Gen Z Confessionals,” you’ll hear the anonymous voices of top design talent under the age of 30, as we dive into the world of design through the eyes of Gen Z. From what attracted them to the industry in the first place to their take on the most puzzling norms in the field, we’re exploring where Gen Z designers see the biggest opportunities for improvement that could benefit all generations in the design ecosystem. 

Discover valuable insights from ThinkLab’s industry-specific data, what Gen Z is looking for in the work models of the future, and what they wish their clients knew.  

Highlights from this episode:   

  • Find out how Gen Z designers are pushing for more equality in the industry and what they’re doing to break down traditional hierarchies. 
  • See what Gen Z designers say is a major client challenge — and how they’re addressing those constraints. 
  • Discover why Gen Z designers are feeling burnout more acutely than previous generations — and why they’re calling for a better work-life balance in the design industry.  
  • Find out how hybrid work models are becoming the new norm in the design industry and why individual workers prefer them over traditional office models. 
  • Learn how designers and real estate professionals can work together to achieve better outcomes for everyone involved. 
  • Discover why sustainability is more important than ever in the design industry and what designers are doing to create more environmentally-friendly solutions. 

Did you know?  

ThinkLab research shows that in general, individual workers still have about a 12 percent higher preference for hybrid work, while companies have about a 15 percent higher preference for more time in office. 

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Amanda Schneider

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA is a researcher, writer, and founder of ThinkLab. Amanda is a strategic thinker with a strong background including industrial design,

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