The Future of Lead Generation


The digital world is a flattener – is your brand differentiated enough? Capture opportunities for success and learn how to turn great relationships into business with this expert advice from the design industry and beyond.

In this episode, we talk to content marketing strategist Danielle Gray, Hubspot’s Jonathan Greenberg, and our own Bobby Bonett on the evolution of lead generation – and how to turn relationships and networks into business and leads.

In this episode you’ll discover: 

1)    The three questions every piece of content should answer.

2)    Which social media platform our experts recommend for personal brand building.

3)    How to strategically use digital tools to enhance customer interactions. 

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Be sure to follow our guest speakers on LinkedIn:

Danielle Gray, MBA Content Marketing Strategist & Keynote Speaker at DG Marketing Co.

Jon Greenberg, Global Manager of Growth Strategy at Hubspot

Bobby Bonett VP Digital at Sandow Design Group


Special thanks to our episode sponsors, Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer, thoughtfully selected because they both represent companies that are bringing new techniques and thinking from outside the design industry for positive application.


Amanda Schneider

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA is a researcher, writer, and founder of ThinkLab. Amanda is a strategic thinker with a strong background including industrial design,

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