How Can We Create Green Affordable Housing? Part 1


Most low-wage workers in the United States don’t currently make enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment. Millennials aren’t able to buy homes because they are, on average, poorer than their parents were at the same age. However, the last thing we need is to worsen the climate crisis as we solve America’s housing crisis. Every time we build a new structure, we put carbon emissions in the air. If we had to provide housing for every American by building new apartment blocks, that would put us deep in the red on carbon emissions. Now, if we could convert existing buildings into affordable housing, that would be something. To discuss that and other avenues to address both climate and housing security, senior editor Kelly Beamon sat down with two guests: Katie Swenson, senior principal at MASS Design Group and author of Design With Love: At Home in America, and Shelley Halstead, executive director of the nonprofit Black Women Build. 



  • How Recycling Buildings Could Solve the Urban Housing Crisis:


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Avi Rajagopal

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