Decoding Noise 


In this episode of The Learning Objective presented by Baresque, we discover how to up our awareness of noise in every sensory domain. Exploring solutions for designing inclusively to provide higher levels of comfort and function for the everyday user. 


In part one, you’ll learn from Steve Orfield, researcher and President at Orfield Labs, as he analyzes multi-sensory experiences and the impact on human cognitive behavior and perception. In part two, you’ll hear from Evan Benway, managing director at Moodsonic, to evaluate one specific sense, our auditory sense. Looking at a newer development, soundscaping and the challenges and advantages of manipulating sound to benefit the user experience.  


After listening, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the multi-sensory factors that contribute to noise. 
  • Incorporate a key principle of universal design. 
  • Uncover the psychological effects of auditory noise on human behavior and well-being. 
  • Discover the role of soundscaping on the user experience.  

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Picture of Jessica Jenkins, Host of The Learning Objective Podcast

Jessica Jenkins

Jessica Jenkins is a designer, maker, thinker and people-person. Jessica is passionate about human-centric design and how the built environment affects and enhances peoples lives. She is a firm believer that well-designed products are essential in creating impactful interior spaces and experiences.

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