Conscious Design with Timeless Style


In this episode of The Mic, host Debbie Millman is joined by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, Co-Founders of WantedDesign, and Emilio Cabrero, Partner at C Cubica Arquitectos and Director of Design Week Mexico, to discuss their important work centered around creating opportunities and facilitating connections among local and international members of the design community. We discuss the thoughtful curatorial approaches behind WantedDesign and Design Week Mexico, and explore how each show creates one-of-a-kind environments where new ideas are embraced and international creativity thrives.


The Mic

Hosted by Debbie Millman, The Mic offers an inside look into New York City’s most creative minds.

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Debbie Millman

Named “one of the most creative people in business” by Fast Company, and “one of the most influential designers working today” by Graphic Design USA, Debbie Millman is also an author, educator, curator and host of the podcast Design Matters. 

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