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In the Beer Garden with David Favela
Get to know David Favela on his own terms on his own turf—in the beer garden of Border X Brewing in Barrio...
Success = More Soul, Fewer Shortcuts
In this episode, our hosts ask how we put numbers on the success of thriving communities and businesses
The G Word: Gentrification
Eunice and Erika confront the hard truths about zoning, revitalization, and community engagement.
Cheers to Chicano Culture
A soulful conversation with San Diegan brewery owner and economic-development expert David Favela.
In the Room with Tracy Washington Enger
Hear the full interview with our expert guest from Episode 03, Tracy Washington Enger at the U.S. Environmental...
Putting the "I" in IAQ
Learn about the dire state of indoor air quality in the buildings at the heart of the Healthy Buildings...
In the Room with Alison Mears and Jonsara Ruth
Learn about who holds the power to make our built environment healthier and a special case study featuring...
Love in the Time of PFAS
Learn what happens when chemical manufacturers withhold health information from consumers, specifically...
In the Room with Dr. Joseph Allen
Listen to the first installment of “In the Room With,” where we share the full interviews with our thought-provoking...
Welcome to the Healthy Buildings Movement
Get to know our hosts, Dr. Erika Eitland and Monica Kumar as they walk you through the movement that...