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A Podcast Network by SANDOW
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The Carbon Footprint of Wood Buildings
When layers of wood are put together in a specific way—usually glued together—they make for a material...
Affordable and Sustainable Housing
If we want to fight climate change, improving or retrofitting an existing building often makes more sense...
Future100: The Next Generation of Sustainability
Metropolis editor Ethan Tucker speaks with David Rico Gomez and four of his contemporaries from the Future100...
Water as a Battery
In 2020, a FIFTH of all the energy generated in the United States came from renewable sources. That means...
Regenerative Interior Design
Interior designers work with stuff, day in and day out—chairs, tables, lights, countertops, tiles, wallpaper....
Making Offices Carbon Neutral
When we think about the carbon emissions of buildings so far we’ve focused largely on two things: the...
How Can We All Fight the Climate Crisis?
In this episode, produced in partnership with global flooring manufacturer Interface, Metropolis Editor...
Can Buildings Be Like Trees?
In 2002, the architect William McDonough and the chemist Michael Braungart came up with a rather revolutionary...
The Carbon Footprint of the Metaverse
Even if you don’t care about technology, it’s likely you’ve heard something about the...
Can We Redesign Waste?
Waste is a complex issue. How we generate waste, what kinds of chemicals and materials are in our garbage,...